Bodyfence – Clear protection film

Bodyfence is a ultra-clear self-adhesive polyurethane film specifically designed for the protection of vehicle bodies. It protects vehicle paint from chipping, scratches and minor dents, as well as insects, UV rays, and car wash brushes. The film is durable for up to 8 years under normal road-use conditions.

The new Bodyfence film is ideal for any individual or business wanting to protect their vehicles from the everyday wear and tear experienced on the road. It keeps the paintwork on the vehicles ‘forever young’, protecting it for the future. Bodyfence is revolutionary to the worldwide paint protection market as it is fully conformable. Other products available in the market are limited in conformability and are often supplied in pre-cut template kits – and the edges start to show over time. These kits seem very old-fashioned when compared to Bodyfence’s unique capabilities.


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